Sunday, November 04, 2007

Angel of Prosperity - Angels of Abundance - Discover Wealth & Prosperity

~ Angel of Prosperity ~

This Angel brings forth the vibration of creating prosperity and abundance to all those who ask. This Angel assists you in changing your core beliefs, feelings, known and unknown about Prosperity (money). This Angel persists in bringing prosperity awareness in a positive way into your vibration. Through changing your mind set and physical being into an attraction magnet. With the assistance of this Angel you strengthen your knowingness of your ability of creating the prosperity you want in your life. As you realize this and put it into motion the Angel then assists you in even more ways to open, allow, accept and receive prosperity as your given right in this abundant universe. Fear and lack are not part of the prosperity and abundance vibration and does not recognize it. The Angel of Prosperity brings into your realm of beingness your affirmance of unlimited prosperity and abundance created and manifested by you.

definiton of prosperity: prosperous, flourishing, or thriving condition; good fortune; success

definition of abundance: an overflowing quanity or supply ... affluence; wealth

definitions supplied by The American College Dictionary

Angel of Prosperity

Angels by Sharae

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Ask the Angels - Communicating with Your Angel • Communicate with your Angels - Ask your personal and heartfelt questions to your Angels by asking through Sharae's personal connection to your Angels. Internationally known Angel Artist/Angel Intuitive, Sharae, feels honored and privileged to be able to help people and is grateful to be able to use her painting & intuitive gifts to serve the Angels and Divine Source, which she calls God. Sharae works from the heart ... the only way she knows to serve ... Sharae's "Personalized" Angel Paintings (Art for the Soul) and Angel messages are a " Message of Love directly from the Angels & Divine Source" ...Communicating with Angels through Personalized Angel messages, Angel paintings and Angel Prints ... Read what others have to say about Sharae's Angel messages
Angels by Sharae © Sharae Taylor

Saturday, July 07, 2007

" How to Connect with Your Angels in a Sacred Space "
Creating Your Sacred Space:
My definition of Sacred Space: spiritually receptive, where you can sit & meditate or quietly just Be... to nourish your spirit & soul ...
By creating an Angel alter you are setting your intention to the sacredness of the area and its' purpose... connecting to God and His messengers ... the Angels

I am not suggesting this is worship of Angels - this is the intent of creating a sacred space where you are more receptive to God's Angels and the messages, guidance and Love they bring to you and where you create your own strong connection to your own spirituality through the acknowledgement of the Angelic presence in your life. To speak to your Angels from your heart.
1. Choose your space ... a dedicated space for this purpose

2.  Choose objects to place on your Angel alter that have a spiritual meaning and speak to you through  your heart. Candles, incense, Personalized Angel Painting (as shown in the image above) or Angel Print, figures, crystals, a beautiful cloth, plant, flowers, symbols of the heart, box ( I use mine for written messages & letters to my Angels). Remember ... keep it beautiful and clutter free of such things as car keys, etc ...

You can add a comfortable chair, rug .. a comfortable place for you to be when you are following the steps below in connecting with your Angels or just to sit quietly ... it is your space ... make it comfortable.

Once you have your alter completed, dedicate it as an Angel alter and invite your Angels into your space and ask them to fill the space with their Love & Light ... speak to them as you would a dear and beloved friend ... Welcome them with your Love.  They are always with you, but now you are wanting to acknowledge them in your life and connect consciously with them.

To Connect With Your Angels:

1. Take time when you will not be disturbed. .. This is your time ... Where comfortable clothing.

2. Play your favorite Angel music

3. Light your candle ( white, purple or violet) making sure that it is in a safe container for burning.

4. Light incense or aromatherapy oils can be used in their special infuser. Frankincense, sandalwood, lavender or jasmine are good choices ... the preference is yours.

5. Take some deep cleansing breaths and allow your body to relax ... and as you relax focus your intent on connecting with your Angel. You can ask to be connected to your Guardian Angel or an Archangel if you would like ... Ask for them to join you ... and feel their presence.

6. When you feel their gentle presence begin speaking with them ... this can be done silently or out loud. I sometimes write everything out if it is something very detailed I would like to discuss in letter form and put this in my box on my alter and discuss the highlights in my verbal discussion letting them know the details are in my letter ... Remember, if you need their help ... Ask for it.

7. When you are finished ... Thank your Angels... If you would like you can ask for confirmation of your discussion by asking for a symbol ... it may not come immediately so be aware and open to their response in the next day or so. The symbol make come in unexpected ways ... a song on the radio ... a phrase stands out in a sign, a feather in an unlikely place ... a thought floats through your mind that you know is not yours ... just be open and receptive. Listening becomes an important exercise for you ... the answers come in the silence and in many forms ...

The more you work with the Angels the more comfortable, knowledgeable and receptive you will become in the forms of communication that works the best for your relationship ...

Many blessings,

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Friday, July 06, 2007

"Thank You Special"

I wanted to drop a quick note about a 3 Day "Thank You Special" I am having right now as a way of saying Thank You. A great way to do some early Christmas Shopping if you are looking for those Personalized Gifts.
I won't keep you any longer ... I hope you are doing well and having a great Summer!
Many Blessings,
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Introductory Angel Print Offer !

Angel Prints

created from Original Fine Art Angel Paintings



Introductory Angel Print Special !


Offered in Two Sizes ... 8.5 x 11 & 11 x 14

Angel Print Gallery

Make Fabulous Year Round Gifts !

Angels by Sharae

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Angel Healing - Angel Art

New Angel Art has now been added to the Angel of Comfort Gallery. These are only a few of the newest Angel paintings added to the Angel galleries of Angels by Sharae.

There has been a world wide postive acceptance of the Angel of Comfort and the testimonials and reviews have added to their popularity. In these times this seems to bridge the gap where there never before has been offered something that really touches the hearts and minds of individuals on a level that reaches their soul and creates the comfort so needed for so many reasons. It does not matter what form of comfort is needed, these Angel paintings bring forth the energies the individual requires for the emotional healing to begin. This holds true if the Angel of Comfort Angel painting is ordered as a gift or the individual orders it for themselves.

Here is the story of the birth of "The Angel of Comfort" in Sharae's own words:

I am an Angel artist and several weeks ago while listening to the late night news, a news story came on that really touched my heart. On the way home in the wedding limo ... a drunk driver caused a horrible wreck, resulting in the loss of a child and the limo driver. This story stayed in my mind. A few days later, a woman emailed me requesting my help. She wanted to know if an Angel painting could be created for this family. I immediately knew who the family was. I heard a voice say ..."Yes, you can help ... Create an Angel of Comfort for her painting ... their energies are needed here." I emailed the woman and she immediately commissioned the painting

The painting took on a life of its' own. Upon delivery, the woman emailed back saying this was perfect and just what she had envisioned to help this family. I know my paintings help others all the time and had never thought of them helping in this way. The voice is still saying "There are more to help". I am researching grief and loss, thus "The Angel of Comfort" Gallery was created.

In my research, one of the definitions that I found really struck a chord with me. "Grief is the reaction to loss." Losses can range from loss of employment, divorce, pets, social status, a sense of safety, order, possessions, to the loss of the people nearest to us including friendships and relationships. Having experienced several of these losses myself, I would never have described the pain that I was going through as grieving unless it was the death of a loved one or pet. When I thought about what I had experienced during these times I had a light bulb moment ... I realized the pain felt no different. I was actually grieving. This put a new comprehension on what I had been told ... "There are more to help" ... and why "The Angel of Comfort" Angel paintings will help so many.

Grief is grief and loss is loss and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies respond the same with a deep and profound sense of loss. This has opened within me a new understanding of the work I have been given and why this new additional door has been opened on the path of my spiritual journey.

The bible verse in Matthew 5:4: "Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted", keeps running through my mind. It is through the mourning that healing takes place. This is the way releasing deep pain was intended by God, with the promise that comfort will be and is provided. God sends His Angels for all things, for we are dearly loved and cared for and never alone.

A whole new understanding of grief and loss.

Please visit Sharae's Angel website for further details and to visit her other Angels that are offered.

Guardian Angels, Archangels, Relationship Angels, Family of Angels and many more Angel Galleries.

Sharae also offers selected Angel prints of her original Angel paintings.


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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Guardian Angel Painting on Public Display in Los Angeles

Susan Hart's Guardian Angel

Original Guardian Angel Painting by Sharae

18 x 24 Canvas Acrylic

Susan Hart's Private Collection

Original Painting will be on display with Susan at "Angel Heart Connection" Booth 533 LAX Hilton Feb 10, 11 & 12

The Conscious Life Expo 2006 Los Angeles, CA

(Read More below on Susan Hart)

Angel Artist, Sharae Taylor has been creating Angelic art with a passion for many years. Angel paintings filled with guidance, comfort, faith and a deep knowingness of the Divine and she is in constant communication with the Angels.

Sharae Taylor is an intuitive Angel artist with a definite purpose and on a spiritual journey “I Shall Paint Angels”. This journey has led her to have her Angelic artwork in worldwide art collections and being featured in Ezines, CD’s DVD’s, Sleeve inserts and published magazines. Sharae’s painting “Angel of Comfort” is featured in the “Angels On Earth” Jan/Feb 2006 issue – a Guidepost publication in the “Earning Their Wings” section. Her work encompasses an Angel art gallery, Angels of Children, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Angel Gifts, Web Design, Angel articles, Angel Blogs, Family Angel portraits, Indigo Child and Crystal Child Angel paintings. Sharae is now offering “Angel of Comfort” personalized paintings specifically for grief & loss. The categories of Angels continue to grow as she is instructed by the Angels.

Sharae specializes in creating personalized Angel paintings for the individual, their family and friends. Each Angel painting comes with a personalized message from the Angel for the person for whom the painting is created. Each painting is quite unique as the colors, the Angel image and each brushstroke are all instructed by the Angel itself. The Angel paintings are considered a living work of art as they are ever changing and exude a continual energy of love and healing for the individual.

to see other Guardian Angel paintings or to order yours

Susan Hart is an angel channel, Reiki Master, healer and visionary. With an open heart, she has the clear and candid capacity to receive and communicate guidance from your angels to you. These messages are Loving, practical and Inspiring. From this Presence, Susan empowers you with the Certainty and tools, to make the Angel-Heart connection. As she often affirms, "through the healing of your heart, all things are possible." Susan's passion is to inspire you, and many others, to connect with your life's purpose and live your dreams.

In 2005, Susan was honored as a Spiritual Healer, in the LA CONFIDENTIAL article: "GOOD MEDICINE: The Who's Who Of LA'S Doctors"

Los Angeles based ~ Susan Hart is a celebrity favorite and has a strong worldwide clientele

Susan's love for healing and spirituality has inspired her to study and become certified in several additional healing modalities: Hypnotherapy, Past-Life Regression, Reiki, Polarity, Massage Therapy, and Cranial Sacral Unwinding.

For more information please contact:
Susan Hart 310.288-0890 USA

Phone Sessions Available

Susan will be a Lecturer and Exhibitor at:
The Conscious Life Expo 2006
February 10 - 13, 2006
Susan will be available for Angel readings at her
booth # 533
Angel Heart Connection
Connect & Comunicate with your Angels Booth 533 - Feb 10 - 13 2006
Friday 3 pm - 9 pm Saturday 10 am - 9 pm Sunday 10 am - 8 pm
LAX Hilton
5711 West Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Lecture: Angel-Heart Illuminations: Connecting With Your Angels Sunday, 12 Noon - 12:45 February 12, 2006 For More Information:
If You are in the Los Angeles area stop by and tell her Sharae sent you ...
Susan is well worth contacting in person or by telephone ...
soon her website will be available and you will find a link here for it.
Some of the additional speakers that will be at the expo are
Michael Bernard Beckwith D.D., James Redfield, George Noory, Richard Hoagland, Dannion Brinkley, Terry Cole- Whittaker, Sean David Morton, Spiritual Film Festival, Steven Sadleir, Nick Begich, Dick Sutphen, Howard Lyman, Freddie Nelson & Madeleine Rahm, Medea Benjamin & Jodie Evans, Michael Langevin, Laura Lee, Adrian Finkelstein, Dr. William Eidelman, Dr. Hyla Cass, Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa, Stephen Lewis, Bettye Binder, Paul & Lillie Weisbart, Gail Minogue, Andrew Beath, Dr. Robin Falkov, Emy, Margaret Ruby, Robert Fletcher, Steven Halpren
Information furnished by Sharae Taylor and Susan Hart
Images © Susan Hart & © Sharae Taylor